Jirasek memorial
12/06/05 18:21:18 GMT+02:00 Antuan
ОбъявленияDear Chess friends,
On 6.-13. August a FIDE open Jiraskuv Memorial is taking place in Rakovnik (Czech Republic - 60 km west from Prague). This competition is accepteds as a Championship of the region "Stredocesky Kraj". The Propozitions is to find on http://www.czfree-ra.net/~sachy
I+d like to ask you for a contakt to a Chess-server or Portal or Journal in your country, where the Information about this could be publicated.
 If you decide to help me, here is a news to be publicated.

 XVII. Jiraskuv memorial, FIDE and National open, 6.8.-13.8. 2005, Rakovnk,
 Czech Republic, 20 money prizes, http://www.czfree-ra.net/~sachy

Thank you for your assistance
 Best Regards

 Tom+ Jirkovsk
 Chess club Rakovnk

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