Chess Today: Dirty Games with the FIDE Titles
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ЭксклюзивChess Today No. 1656, 21st May 2005
by Valery Golubenko

The 73rd Championship of Estonia finished last weekend in Tallinn. The event was blighted by a GM-norm falsification. The Estonian Chess Federation (ECF) illegally declared IM
Shvyrjov a GM, thus yielding a GMnorm with 7 points from 9 games (see the cross-table). Neither on the eve of championship, nor after its finish was Mr Shvyrjov a GM. His personal FIDE card[/urol] is the best confirmation.

According to a well-known Estonian sports reporter Igor Saveljev, on the 16th of May 2005 ECF CEO Hendrik Olde told journalists that Mr. Mikko Markkula, Chairman of FIDE Qualification Commission, had confirmed a GM-status for Mr. Shvyrjov. On the same day (16 May) Mr. Stewart Reuben, a FIDE official, disposed this argument decisively. Mr. Reuben is a Chairman of the FIDE Organizers Committee, member of the FIDE Qualification Commission, member of the FIDE Titles and Rating Committee, Secretary of the FIDE Rules and Tournament Regulations Committee, author of Chess Organizers Handbook. I quote him: "Mr. Markkula has been slurred. In my considerable experience, Mikko tries in every way to award people titles to people who have obtained them fairly within the regulations. I have never known him to act in a malignant manner."

In regard to a possibility of GM-norm for IM Kanep in the championship, Mr. Reuben clarified this in the following statement: "Concerning Mr. Shvyrjov. The fact is that he is not a grandmaster. We do not have to consider whether or not this is fair. A player only becomes a GM when all the requirements have been met. Thus the Estonian CF was wrong to state that Mr. Shvyrjov is a GM. Thus, as an example, Danny Gormally of England is not a GM, although he had met the requirements by early February. He simply has not yet been awarded the title. Hopefully this will change this weekend at the PB. Thus if the title application of Kanep relies on his third GM being Mr. Shvyrjov, it must fail."

On the same day (16 May) FIDE published a [urlo=]communique
, aiming especially against such misconduct by the players, arbiters, organizers, officials, and federations.

As recently as 25th Jan 2005 FIDE was alerted about the abnormal situation with FIDE titles in ECF. The ECF CEO Hendrik Olde's "International Arbiter" title is illegal as proved by well-known IA Lembit Vahesaar. But as a result of FIDE slow response, Mr. Olde became the chief-arbiter of the above-mentioned Estonian championship, where he announced a GM-norm.

Another consequence of FIDE slow reaction is that ECF still prevents registration in FIDE of a welldeserved title for 14-year old Valentina Golubenko. I really hope that FIDE has the will to follow up on its Communiquй which claimed: "There will be severe punishments for players, arbiters, officials, organisers and Federations in proven cases of malpractice, up to a ban for life."


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