Chess-tournament Malbork Castle Cup
25/08/06 18:23:05 GMT+02:00 Antuan
ОбъявленияDear Chessfriends !

I  would to  interest  You  and  your  friends from chess club about
chess-tournament Malbork  Castle Cup

The tournament played is in 09-10 September 2006 in Malbork in Poland.

Malbork is a  city,  where is found greatest in Europe the Gothic
Castle written to UNESCO books.

If you have the state in your own starting schedules the performance in
the tournament of Rapid Chess in the interesting place - this the perhaps
our tournament will arouse you.

Details on the page:
For the asking I can send detailed informations for email or per post.

Best greetings
The manager of the tournament
MSC Jerzy Skonieczny

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